Welcome Pastors and Leaders!

Thank you for visiting ThePeacePlan.com. We are eager to help you understand this website, explain why we believe it's important to your missions program, and equip you to use this tool effectively.

ThePeacePlan.com is a site for worldwide missions done through and by the local church that operates church to church. That's it! We believe in the power of the local church to do the ministry that Jesus did here on earth in living out PEACE by Planting Churches, Equipping Leaders, Assisting the Poor, Caring for the Sick, and Educating the Next Generation. This website exists for the church committed to this ministry of Jesus and especially you as the leader who is responsible for engaging your people to live out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission at home and throughout the world.

This website allows you to create and manage a missions program by giving you all the tools and resources you need to engage members, become involved in existing ministry work or invite others to become passionate about your work, plan trips, connect with the needs of other churches next door or in distant countries, share the stories of what God has done on mission, and more. As the leader, you can lead the charge and invite your members to become a part of your strategy. You can see their activity, direct them to training and resources, manage your projects, and even equip them to lead teams and projects. We have set up a system that facilitates your church to perform effective, intentional, and impactful missions work.

Once you create an account you will see a guide on how to navigate important elements of the website, including creating a personal profile, a church Page, a PEACE work, and how to communicate with groups.

We are proud of you for actively engaging in God's call to mission. We pray this tool serves you and your church for the global glory of God.