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A PEACE Plan Approach to Coronavirus

The PEACE Plan is partnering with Coronavirus and the Church to equip ministry leaders in preparation for the effects of Coronavirus in their congregations and communities. Please visit for additional resources.

Webinars and Livestreams

Mental Health Webinar: Getting Along While Staying at Home

Hosted by Kay Warren, Founder of Hope for Mental Health

Recorded Webinar

Simple Steps to Providing an Engaging Online Church Service

Hosted by Jay Kranda, Online Pastor at Saddleback Church

Recorded Webinar

Mental Health Webinar: Overcoming Anxiety in Stressful Times

Hosted by Kay Warren, Founder of Hope for Mental Health 

Recorded Webinar

Our Resources

God has called the local church to be the light in the darkness and the hope of the world. What we do now matters more than ever, and he has equipped us for this time. We’ve compiled these resources to help your church thrive in the here and now, prepare for the days and weeks to come, and to take care of your congregation through it all.

Our Partners

Use The Following FREE Resources To Help Your Church Prepare For Covid-19

Helpful Resources From The CDC

Webinars and Livestreams

Preparing Your Church For The Coronavirus


The PEACE Plan Model

The PEACE Plan is about raising up and equipping ordinary believers with practical skills, unleashing them to create grassroots change right where they are. Check out the links below for resources, trainings, and tools that will help you put each principle of The PEACE Plan model into action to transform your communities. 

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